How to enroll PCM?


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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Admissions FAQ


A student must submit the following requirements to the Registrar's Office before admission to any academic program: 


    A. For Bachelor's Program: Freshmen:

  • Grade 12 Original Copy of Form 138 (Fourth Year Report Card or it's equivalent)
  • Photocopy of a birth certificate issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO/PSA)
  • Original copy of Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Three (3) pieces of 2"x2" identification pictures
  • Medical Certificate from government Physician
  • Personal Evaluation (you may download it  here)


     B. For Transferees:

  • Certificate of Transfer Credential
  • Original Copy of Good Moral Character from the previous school
  • Three (3) pieces of 2"x2" identification pictures
  • Medical Certificate from the government physician




A. Payment of Fees

  • Students should pay at the PCM Bussiness Office only.
  • The term regular fees include tuition, laboratory, miscellaneous (Registration fee, Library fee, Medical/Dental fee, Guidance fee, Athletic and developmental fee), and other fees to be paid by the students in connection with their enrollment at PCM.
  • A student may pay in full or in installment. if payment will be made in installment, the payment scheme will be:

            - 2000 down payment upon enrollment

            - the remaining balance will be divided into four months.

A student is considered enrolled if he paid at least the down payment during enrollment. 

B. Student's Refund

  • Refunds for excess payment for the semester will be processed only upon request. The following documents are to be submitted to the Business Office.

         - Student's copy of the Registration Form

         - Original official receipts

         - Student's Refund Form

  • The excess amount will be credited to the account of the students for the next semester if no request for a refund wants to be made.
  • An authorized representative can claim the student's refund supported by a valid ID.




Academic Scholarship

Academic scholarships are given to students who excelled academically in a given term. The scholarship is in the form of tuition fee discounts given on the current or succeeding term.

An academic scholar is granted the privilege of Php. 1500.00 discount on tuition only. 

He/She must: 

  • Be enrolled in at least 12 units for the current term (not including NSTP and P.E subjects).
  • Have a General Weighted Average (GWA) of 1.75 for the current term;
  • Not incur any failing grades in any of his/her subjects for the current term;
  • Not be charged with any violation of school rules and regulations for the current term;
  • Be an active member of the Student Body Organization.

Work-Study Program

all students (off-campus or on-campus) enrolled in at least 12 units for the current term (not include NSTP and P.E. subjects) may apply for Work/Study to assist with dorm fees and tuition fees. Work is credited at Php.30.00 per hour for hours worked with a maximum of Php. 1,800 monthly.


Individual Sponsorship

Limited funds for scholarships and grants are made available by generous contributors, volunteer mission professors, and instructors at the college. This scholarship and grants in aid assist students of good character and academic standing. 


Minister's Discount

Ministers and their families who work full-time in a Church of Christ/Christian Churches may be eligible for a 50% discount on their tuition fee EXCEPT FOR ministers taking the Master's Program.


Fresh Graduate from Senior High School

  • Valedictorian: 100% free tuition fee only
  • Salutatorian: 75% discount on tuition fee only
  • 90% GPA will be given Php. 1500.00 discount on tuition fee only

Government Scholarship Program

  • TDP- Tulong Dunong Program
  • TES- Tertiary Education Subsidy
  • SHS Voucher
  • ESC Grant  





 a.) Personal Evaluation

 b.) Application for Admission

 c.)  Curriculum Checklist 




  • What about CHED accreditation?
    PCM has been granted Government Recognition through CHED. Permit No. 03, series 2015.
  • Do you have a computer lab on campus?
    Yes! PCM has Apple Computer Units at the computer laboratory.
  • What is the size of your library?
    Our library has more than 14,000 books. We have a full-time librarian and student workers who keep the books organized and clean. We take good care of our books! Take a look in our Scrapbook for some pictures of our spacious and well-stocked library. PCM also has membership in the Baguio Benguet Theological Library Association (BBTLA), which means that our students have access to the other member libraries, and more than 80,000 titles! PCM students can access those books through the BBTLA Inter-Library Loan system or by visiting the other libraries.
  • What is the spiritual atmosphere on campus?
    PCM students are committed to Christ. They serve in local churches and encourage one another to live lives worthy of the calling they have received. Our theme verse for the student body is Colossians 3:17 - "And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." The dormitory students have weekly Men's, Women's, and Joint Devotions. Weekly Chapel services, led by students, weekly Small Groups, led by faculty members, and the dormitory devotions all work together to maintain quality, Christian spiritual atmosphere at PCM.
  • What is there to do for fun?
    At PCM, we know that life is more than studying, especially for young people. We encourage our students to participate in extra-curricular activities. On-campus, we provide a basketball court and a table tennis table. Of course, there are also many non-athletic activities available in Baguio City. At Burnham Park, students often ride bicycles or go boating on the lake. They can stroll around town or visit the shops of Session Road, SM City Baguio, or the other shopping malls.
  • Why PCM? Why not a secular college or university?
    Even one year at PCM will help solidify your faith in Christ. As you learn more and more about God's Word and experience life in a Christian community, it will change you. You will begin to see the world with the eyes of Christ. As you mature and grow in your life, it will be much better if you have a solid foundation in biblical teachings. The longer you study at PCM, the more clearly you will see and understand the biblical perspective of the world and God's plan for your life.
  • Why should I choose PCM instead of another Christian college?
    There are two answers to this question:
          First, at PCM, we are committed to an excellent education. Our professors are not just teaching as a job-it is their ministry. Our student-to-faculty ratio of 9 to 1 means that you won't get lost in a sea of other students. You will find yourself free to interact and ask questions in the intimate atmosphere of our classes.
          Second, at PCM we are committed to the spiritual development of our students. We don't just care about your mind, we care about your spirit and your heart. We care about your relationship with God. Our chapel services on Thursdays are planned with your spiritual development in mind. Our Tuesday Small Groups offer an opportunity for real mentoring and discipleship in our college family. Our Student Body Organization is also organized into Discipleship Groups and the Dormitory Residents participate in Dorm Devotions weekly. This holistic approach to education is not something you'll find just anywhere, but at PCM we are committed to it!
  • How much does PCM cost per semester?
    The average full-time student who stays in the dormitory can expect to pay approximately P14,800 per semester.
  • Are there scholarships available?
    Yes! Take a look at the scholarships listed above on this page. Nearly 100% of our students receive some kind of financial aid.
  • How many students are enrolled at PCM?
    PCM usually has 50 to 60 students each school year. PCM served a total of 48 students during 2006-2007, and there are 61 enrolled in 2007-2008. This manageable student body means that our student-to-faculty ratio is about 9 to 1, which allows professors to give individual attention to each student.
  • With what church or denomination is your school affiliated?
    Philippine College of Ministry is a non-denominational, non-sectarian college. But we are affiliated with the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ. These churches are part of the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement, a movement to bring unity to the Body of Christ by restoring the church to its New Testament ideal. We are NOT affiliated with the "Iglesia ni Kristo," "Non-Instrumental Churches of Christ," the "International Church of Christ," or the "Boston Church of Christ."
  • Are students of other groups welcome at PCM?
    Absolutely, yes! We have had a great variety of students--Roman Catholics, Pentecostals, Presbyterians, Baptists, Non-Instrumental Churches of Christ, etc. Even students who are not Christians are welcome at PCM! However, PCM has its own curriculum applicable to all who enroll in this program.
  • When are the application forms and other admission requirements due?
    All forms are technically due on Registration Day, usually the 2nd or 3rd Monday of June and the first Monday after All Saints Day in November. However, if you send your forms by mail at least two weeks before Registration Day, you will be given more consideration for receiving scholarship aid. You can access the Application and Registration forms here. Also, there is a 60-day grace period to turn in all required forms to the Business Office. If you come on Registration Day without all of the required paperwork, you will be admitted as a "Provisional Student." If you do not turn in all required paperwork within 60 days, you will not be allowed to continue studying at PCM.