• Installation Ceremony

    Installation Ceremony

  • PCM Faculty and Administrators

    PCM Faculty and Administrators

  • PCM Faculty and Administrators

    PCM Faculty and Administrators


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 A Letter from PCM President (Click here)

Philippine College of Ministry, located in La Trinidad, Benguet in the Cordillera Autonomous Region of Luzon, is a four year college founded in 1992 for the purpose of educating church leaders for the newly planted churches of Christ among the mountain peoples of northern Luzon. The Churches of Christ are the offspring of missionaries of the Restoration Movement inspired by such New Testament thinkers as Alexander and Thomas Campbell and Barton W. Stone.


Philippine College of Ministry upholds standards of theology revealed in the Bible; holds to the deity of Jesus Christ (virgin birth, miraculous life, literal death and resurrection, ascension into heaven and literal bodily return) and to the inspiration of the Scriptures (Old and New Testament); teaches the plan of salvation as described in the book of Acts and contends for the restoration of the New Testament Church in things regarding life, teaching, name, organization and purpose; and stresses world evangelism as the church's mission.


Philippine College of Ministry is not connected to a denomination, but is supported by people of and congregations called Christian Churches and Churches of Christ. Students are welcome to study at PCM if they name Jesus Christ as Lord and seek to live a life governed by the Bible.


The mission of Philippine College of Ministry is to prepare Christians for full-time Christian ministry of teaching and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and oversight of the church's ministry as well as in vocations associated with the Church (Christian schools, children's homes and hospitals). PCM also offers opportunities to study Christian faith and ethics to those expecting to follow other professions.


Students at Philippine College of Ministry are exposed to a balanced program of study, worship and practical experience. In addition to course work, students are required to attend chapel and are given opportunity to sharpen their skills by serving in preaching, teaching and music ministries in local churches in and around Baguio/Benguet. Many journey to villages on weekends to serve in recently planted churches..