• My time at PCM has been a blessing in a way that God used it to instill in me Holy reverence to God and His word. I grew as a student of the Word with the intention of knowing and understanding what God really and simply means in the Scriptures. although our professors made it clear that humans as we are, we could not fully grasp the wisdom of God and therefore, could not have a perfect interpretation of Scripture, we were encouraged to pursue accuracy. this pursuit from humility and dependence on the illumination of the Holy Spirit. as I go on my journey as a disciple of Jesus, I will hold this conviction to be true. I could now humbly say that my most successful ministry is my ministry to my Lord of simple obedience to His word.  Glory to God!

    -- Quennie Joyce, Gula Batch 2018

  •  If I could turn back time, I would not have enrolled at PCM last June 2016,  If could turn back time, I would enroll right after high school graduation (1997). I always thank God for using PCM as an instrument in equipping and training me to be a better minister of the Lord. I have learned tons of knowledge and acquired wisdom in my two years and a half study in this institution. And five things stood as life lessons: 1. It is only by the grace of God that I am what I am. 2. the importance of Biblically correct and theologically sound doctrine. 3. At PCM, my denominationalism view of the body of Christ undergone a massive shift to the Biblical universal Body of Believers. 4. The student body belongs to different Christian denominations, but it was never a hindrance in ministering together, in learning from one another and unity still prevails. Our professors always remind us of St. Augustine's words: In essential, unity In non-essential, liberty in everything, charity. 5. I found ministry connections at PCM. For example, I am weak in the area of music ministry I found fellow ministers who helped in our church's music ministry even if they have their own churches and vice versa. 

           Indeed, we are not competing with each other, we are completing each other. last thing, studying at PCM would bring a lifetime return of investment for instance (among many others), we are trained to create our own Christian education materials/curriculum. So we don't need to buy from bookstores, we can make our own. At PCM, I was trained to train others also to pass what I have learned for the glory of God, I was an instrument in training Sunday school teachers, as well as a preacher. Especially on how to properly interpret the Bible as well as how to preach it. This resulted to sound Biblical doctrines taught to the congregation. 

         I highly recommend PCM it offers holistic training and development where all parts of your brain will be exhausted from the intensive training, researches, book reviews, etc. your heart will be crushed to be molded into a servant leader's heart. all to be used to worship and serve the Lord. 

    -- Karen H. Denamling Batch 2018

  • I am glad I'm a PCM student because the quality of teaching here is very good compared to other Bible schools.

    -- Anabell Tinio, 2000 graduate

  • I'm thankful for my excellent education at PCM because I became a better person: in my belief in God, in myself and in other people.

    -- Myla Escaño, 1999 graduate

  • PCM provides quality education with great experiences in becoming a faithful servant of God.

    -- Arvin Villanueva, 1999 graduate

  • PCM has a great impact on me in the search for the meaning of one's existence. It has helped me to realize my ultimate purpose under God's ultimate Will!

    -- Ronell Sangalang - 2017

  • PCM is a godly school that shaped my learning interest, reason, speech, action, confidence, morality, personal relationships, and above all, my love for Jesus.

    -- Cristobal Calumnag, 1999 graduate