Why Choose PCM?

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Baguio City is known for three things: climate, vacations, and education. Everyone knows that Baguio City enjoys cool weather all year long, but did you know that 10% of the residents of Baguio City are college students? It's true. When the vacationers go home, Baguio City is all about its college students.


Philippine College of Ministry is also known for three things: faculty, facilities and an excellent education.


We are proud of our excellent faculty. Our six full-time faculty members have a total of fourteen degrees (one Doctor of Theology, one Master of Divinity, two Masters of Arts, and six Bachelors). PCM also has an aggressive Faculty Development Program, so that we have two taking their Doctor of Philosophy and two Master of Education in progress at this time. Ask our students: PCM has a first-class faculty.


We are also proud of our excellent educational facilities. We have comfortable classrooms, spacious dorm rooms (only four to a room), a beautiful library with more than 16,000 volumes.  Our most exciting new addition is a completely updated computer lab with fifteen Mac Mini computers for our student's use.  We require basic computer training for all students.


One of the most exciting aspects of PCM is our beautiful campus. Our new campus is both functional and beautiful. With plenty of classrooms, dormitory space, chapel, a full-sized basketball court, open outdoor area, and awesome views of a Baguio mountain valley, the campus inspires our PCM family.
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Excellent Education
Like a mathematical equation, excellent faculty plus excellent facilities plus excellent curriculum equals an excellent education. PCM is recognized by the Government under Commission on Higher Education with Recognition No. 03, Series 2015. Our undergraduate degree offers Bachelor of Arts in Theology. The curriculum is enhanced with professional education units that will enable students to take Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) Major in Values Education upon graduation. Our practical, relevant courses in Bible, theology, Christian ministry, Christian education, and music, prepare our graduates for the real world of life, ministry, and service in God's Kingdom.


So, why choose PCM? When we offer a first-rate education at an affordable cost, the question you should be asking is, "why go anywhere else?"